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Sep 4, 2017

In this show, Todd and Leh answer some of the most common questions they get asked during the week by clients.  Here are some of the questions we answer:

Can I force my spouse to leave the marital residence? 

Can a parent simply get up and leave with the kids if no one has filed for divorce?

What is the impact of a parent leaving with the kids and the other parent not getting to see the kids?

Can someone be ordered to pay College Expenses?

Should you agree to something a Court can’t order?

What are the dangers of agreeing to pay non-modifiable Alimony?

Can you remove someone from your insurance during the pendency of a divorce?

How much will my divorce cost?

Is there such a thing as Legal Separation in Georgia?

Is there another action to get support without filing for divorce?

Can a parent terminate his or her rights to a child or children and not pay child support?