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Feb 25, 2019

In this show, Todd and Leh explore a topic they have not really discussed before on the show - Pre-nuptial Agreements.  They start out with a little history on pre-nuptials, also known as ante-nuptial agreements. Did you know they used to be considered a violation of public policy?

They discuss who might want a pre-nup, what can you protect and what can’t you protect.  They examine the three part test that Courts use to decide whether the pre-nuptial agreement is enforceable or not.    

At the conclusion of the show, they share some best practices to help ensure that your pre-nup will be enforced by a Court.  

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In the next show, they will take this three part test and apply it to the pre-nup in the divorce case involving Natalie Maines, former member of the Courtry Band, The Dixie Chicks.