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Apr 23, 2019

Your Attitude in a divorce or similar family law matter can make all the difference in your case.  As lawyers, we hear it from Judges, Guardian ad Litems, and Custody Evaluators all the time, i.e. a positive attitude makes a difference.  We have even heard from mediators that it is difficult to convince someone to pay more money to the person that has been nasty during the case. In this show, Leh and Todd break down just what they mean by a positive attitude.  They share practical examples of how a positive attitude helped win cases and how a negative attitude can sink an otherwise winnable case.  The challenge is how do you maintain a positive attitude in the middle of something that really sucks.  When you are hurting, it is very hard to keep your chin up.  That is why Leh and Todd wrap the show up with suggestions and resources on how to strive for the best attitude in the middle of the pain.