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Divorce Team Radio - Your Source for Divorce and Family Law Matters

Aug 12, 2019

About once a quarter, we take a couple of shows and answer a variety of questions.  This show Leh and Todd focus on divorce questions.  Next week it will be on broader family law questions.  They answer questions like:

I was married to the mother of our child, but can't get visitation.  What do I do?

Can I leave the state with my children and file for divorce?

How do I ensure that my ex-husband execute the refinance or sale of the previous marital home per the divorce decree?

How do I file for divorce from my abusive husband as cheaply as possible?

I have a lot of pre-marital stock.  I am concerned that it might have been co-mingled in a brokerage account.  Is it now marital?

And many more. . .

If you would like a transcript of this show, you can find it on our website.  
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