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Aug 13, 2020

In this show, Leh and Todd had the honor of interviewing Dr. Carol R. Hughes and Bruce R. Fredenburg about their new book “Home Will Never Be the Same Again:  A Guide for Adult Children of Gray Divorce.”  This book was written to help those adult children who are struggling with their parent's divorce.  With the booming ‘gray’ divorces, there are countless adult children struggling out there.  They are afraid to ask for help because they are supposed to be adults . . . they can handle this . . . after all, that is why their parents waited to file for divorce.  Unfortunately, they are the unknown casualty of a gray divorce.  In their eye-opening book, Carol and Bruce discuss what is happening, how important it is for the adult children to seek out help, and what they can do to cope with the pain.  The book is not just written for the adult children.  It is also written to the parents that are going through the divorce.  By reading this book, you will learn how your children are actually feeling but too afraid to tell you.  You will also learn how to be more considerate of their feelings during this painful process.  In so doing, you will improve your post-divorce life and still get to see the grandkids.
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