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Aug 20, 2021

As a follow up to the last show, Leh and Todd talk about more divorce strategies that do NOT work.  Over the years, they have seen many attempts by people to 'pull a fast one' on them.  They share what they have seen, what does not work and why.  Examples include:

  • Blasting "your story" to others - Social Media; text messages; emails
  • Filing a TPO with unsupported allegations 
  • Contacting your spouse's employer to impact their employment
  • Passively Interfering with Parenting Time
  • Making the kids your “allies” in the coming custody dispute
  • Shutting down and not participating in divorce process
  • Intentionally trying to delay the divorce process
  • Engaging in settlement discussions prematurely
  • I will settle now and fix the terms later
  • I have an attorney, so I am going to let them handle everything
  • I don’t have an attorney & don’t know the system, but I am sure “it will all work out”
  • I will just dismiss the case if things are not going well for me.

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