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Oct 25, 2021

It is that time of the year again where Leh and Todd talk about what the undead and monsters can do about their family law problems.   To be clear, they both take what they do seriously, but this show is just for fun.  This year, they get a visit from an old favorite, Dracula.  He is having trouble seeing his grandkids because his daughter's family has gone vegan.  Following Dracula, they get a visit from Jaques Th'rippa.  He wants to get a name change because everyone thinks his name is Jack the Ripper.  Leh almost gets blasted by a Predator that is not happy he has been served with a stalking protective order from Arnold Schwarzenegger.  They wrap up the show with a letter from  Frankenstein's monster about how he can get his neck bolts (and other items) back from his ex-wife who took them at the end of the divorce.