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Divorce Team Radio - Your Source for Divorce and Family Law Matters

Sep 2, 2017

In this show, we share 10 tips that can help inoculate your marriage from a divorce. The tips have come from a multitude of places, including

  1. Watching for years what people should NOT do in their marriage.
  2. Walking couples through our Thrive program at Church.
  3. Various marriage books and seminars I have attended, and
  4. A surprising number come from people that have heard our advertising and called in to share their marriage tips.

 Listen in to hear learn more about:

  1. Using Love Notes
  2. Studying Your Spouse
  3. Learning to Forgive
  4. Prioritize Fun Time
  5. Establishing Goals for Your Family and Marriage
  6. Do you Know What They Heard
  7. Letting It Go
  8. Avoid Absolutes
  9. Do not Run From Conflict
  10. Love is a Choice