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35 - Divorce: The Art of Screwing Up Your Children - Interview with Dr. Howard Drutman

Oct 4, 2017

Learning can be challenging sometimes, especially when the subject matter is painful or emotional.  One effective way to digest good information is through satire and sarcasm.  Humor can often break through certain learning barriers to help us learn better behaviors.  Dr. Howard Drutman has taken this form of teaching to a whole new level in his book: Divorce: The Art of Screwing Up Your Children.  Dr. Drutman is a psychologist who specializes in clinical psychology and forensic psychology in family law cases.  Learning from his years as a Custody Evaluator, he teaches parents exactly what NOT to do in their divorce or similar child custody matter.  In their interview of Dr. Drutman, Leh and Todd give you a taste of what his book is like and share some examples of bad behavior they have seen in contested child custody cases.  Anyone who is struggling in a divorce or post divorce parenting situation should definitely tune in.