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May 6, 2019

For the most part, people follow their settlement agreements and Court Orders.  When people are amicable through the Court process, most of them actually put their divorce agreements and parenting plans in a drawer and forget about them.  Then there are the cases where one party just does not want to follow what they agreed to or the Court has ordered after a hearing.  In this show, Leh and Todd tackle what to do when someone does not follow the rules.   They discuss several scenarios.  They explain how you can collect on unpaid alimony and child support.  They identify steps to take to enforce certain aspects of a parenting plan that are not being followed.  They also highlight what the Court can and cannot do in a Contempt of Court case.  They identify how the Court can help in making sure the settlement agreement is followed when it comes to dealing with the assets and liabilities in a divorce.  They share some cautionary tales of what can happen if you wait too long to take action.  And, they wrap up the show with some defenses that can be raised in a Contempt of Court action.

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