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Jun 14, 2021

In this show, Leh and Todd talk about the Four Truths that exist in every courtroom in a divorce or family law case.  And, they break down the 6 things you can do to make sure that your truth is the one that is the one that the Court accepts. 

The 4 truths are:
  1. Your truth,
  2. Your spouse's truth,
  3. The actual truth, and
  4. The only truth that matters - what the judge (or jury in some cases) thinks is the truth. 
The 6 things you can do to help the Judge adopt your truth are:
  1. Maintain Self-awareness and Accept the 4 truths regardless of the fairness.
  2. Hire an attorney that knows the Judge
  3. Listen to your attorney
  4. If you can, choose a mediator that knows the Judge and can give you some great reality checking
  5. Get a case evaluation from another lawyer who is familiar with the Judge
  6. Testify with Humility
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