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Sep 25, 2018

Is it common sense that healthy communication is the key to a healthy marriage? If so, then why do so many struggle with communication in their marriage? And, is there something you can do about it? In this show, Todd and Leh continue their discussion on taking your marriage to the next level. They break down what...

Oct 13, 2017

There are a growing number of resources available for couples in crisis or married couples that want to take their marriage to the next level. The biggest challenge is getting the word out.  In this show, Leh talks to Tim Doughtery of Three Cord Strand, a faith based marriage ministry.  Tim and his wife Barbara have an...

Sep 2, 2017

In this show, we share 10 tips that can help inoculate your marriage from a divorce. The tips have come from a multitude of places, including

  1. Watching for years what people should NOT do in their marriage.
  2. Walking couples through our Thrive program at Church.
  3. Various marriage books and seminars I have attended, and
  4. A...

Aug 30, 2017

In this episode, we talk about whether someone can save their marriage if they are on the edge of a divorce.  We discuss steps you can take even while the divorce is pending.  We also lay out the benefits of fighting for your marriage even if it seems hopeless.  When things don't work out, we give some suggestions on...