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Aug 11, 2021

Leh and Todd dive into divorce strategies that do NOT work and explain why they do not work.  While some folks think these things are a good idea, what they often do not realize is that most lawyers have been trained to spot these strategies and how to counter them.  

The strategies they know typically fail include:

  • Having no strategy at all
  • Stop working or reduce your income to reduce or eliminate your child support or alimony obligation
  • Choosing to avoid getting a job to increase your support amount
  • Hiding income
  • Hiding assets
  • Moving all the marital assets into only your name
  • Spending more money to increase your 'need' for support
  • Blocking your spouse from financial resources
  • Stopping the payment of marital expenses
  • Locking your spouse out of the house
  • Moving out of the house without an agreement
  • Intentionally making co-habitation difficult on your spouse (so they want to leave)
  • Serving your spouse with divorce paperwork with the intention of embarrassing them
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