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Sep 12, 2017

Diane Dierks joins Leh & Todd to share her years of experience in co-parenting and parenting coordination.  Diane runs the Parenting classes for all of Gwinnett and DeKalb Counties in Georgia (two of the five biggest counties in the state).  She explains the difference between co-parenting counseling and parenting coordination, which is something that lawyers and judges get confused about quite often.  

In addition, she also gives some wonderful advice to parents on how to handle some challenging questions from children while still maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship.  She answered some hard questions, such as:  when a child asks a personal question about the divorce, how do you handle it without pulling the child into the middle of the case; and when a child appears to be struggling with the other parent, how do you respond in a way that teaches healthy values and coping skills?